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Here at Tight Slice Digital Marketing we specialize in Technical SEO in Tampa. In addition to full stack SEO Services.

Over the years our team has been focused on providing our clients with quality service and amazing customer support.

If you believe your company can benefit from organic growth, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. We would love to help and become your permanent marketing company for brands and corporations deserve.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about getting to the top of search engine results.

Updating your web page for optimization can seem confusing, especially if you’re new to SEO services. There are things you should know before you start to make the process much easier. 

  1. Search Appearance 

It may seem obvious but searching your company name on Google is how you find out where you currently rank. This will also show you any major issues that you can fix right away. 

What to Check: 

  • Is your homepage first in the search results?
  • Is the description accurate and grammatically correct? 
  • What are the other pages listed on Google’s search results and are they relevant to your site? 

You should also scroll down to the bottom of the first page of the Google search results. Here you can find “searches related to” to see what keywords your customers are searching for. 

  1. Site Crawling 

Site crawling is where a bot browses a site. Search engines crawl websites to understand what content your website offers, whether it is useful, and other factors. Doing your own site crawl will help you find issues such as broken links and bad keyword use.

Best Site crawlers for Technical SEO Audit in Tampa Florida

Screaming Frog: Their SEO spider tool is free to use, but has a limit of 500 URLs. Excellent for small businesses or if you’ve recently changed some of your web pages.
Ahrefs: A 7-day trial is available for $7 and you will receive a lot of your money; this is a full SEO tool with mobile crawling and detail of all your traffic in one place.

  1. Page Speed 

We all prefer browsing pages that load quickly and easily on all devices. Checking your page speed is very important as low page speed results in lower conversion rates and affects how customers view a brand.

You can check your page speed with Google’s Page Speed Insights for free. You can quickly improve your performance score by taking the feedback on board. 

  1. Navigation 

Your site needs to be easy to navigate so your customers and site bot crawlers know where to go. This includes having your main web pages listed at the top of your navigation menu. 

Try to avoid using numbers or symbols. Sticking to keywords is the best way to have a clear URL structure.

For example:
A good company contact page URL: https://www.hubspot.com/. This clearly defines what is on the page. The dropdown menu is at the top of the page and easy to navigate. 

  1. Mobile friendliness

Making your site mobile-friendly is more important than ever. 63% of Google searches come from mobile devices. That percent is only set to rise. 

Given that statistic, it probably comes as no surprise that in 2016, Google announced a ranking boost for mobile-friendly websites in its mobile search results.

You should check your web pages mobile-friendliness using Google’s testing tool.

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What Are Technical SEO Services?

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What are some good design choices for a website from a search engine optimization perspective?