‘Search Engine Optimization’ (SEO) is a process intended to improve the likelihood of your website being “visible” to search engines and ranking highly in search engine results. The end goal of SEO is to increase volumes of traffic to the relevant website with the hope that the increased traffic will convert into revenue.

There are various methods for creating a SEO friendly website. This article will provide a straight-forward process for effectively optimizing your website through trial and error of SEO keyword blends in your website’s titles and descriptions.

There are several components of your website that can be optimized for SEO. The ‘title’ and the ‘description’ elements are arguably the two most important elements for SEO.  You will recognize the title and description as the two excerpts of text that are immediately visible on ‘Search Engine Results Pages’ (SERPs). These provide short descriptions of what each linked website page is about will and typically contain SEO keywords.

To SEO your website you will need to carry out a process of identifying what SEO keywords are likely to draw traffic to your website and trial various SEO keyword blends in your titles and descriptions in order to identify the most successful combination.

The process below will assist you to identify an initial list of SEO keywords for your website:

  1. Current website traffic: As a starting point, you should identify your website’s current traffic volumes and the keywords that are being used by people to eventually land on your website.
  2. Hypothetical customer: Next place yourself place yourself in the shoes of your customer and brainstorm “what would I type into [search engine] if I was searching for [your product/service]”. The results of this brainstorm should be assist you to further develop and refine your initial list.
  1. Your competition: The next step is to conduct a search of your competitors’ websites to identify what SEO keywords they are using. This process should assist you to identify whether or not your SEO keyword list is on the right track, however you shouldn’t’t necessarily rely on the outcome of this research, as you are unable to guarantee that your competitors’ SEO is effective, especially if your using high quality, yet cheap seo packages.
  1. Intended outcome and related terms: The final step in compiling your initial list of SEO keywords is to search each of your keywords in a search engine, in order to confirm whether your keywords are actually capturing the type of content you intend your selected SEO keywords to capture.
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Having followed the process set out above, you should now have a list of SEO keywords that you can incorporate into the titles and descriptions of each page of your website in various ‘blends’ to identify whether or not they are effective in increasing website traffic volumes.

To be able to measure the effectiveness of each SEO keyword blend in your titles and descriptions, you will need to start with a baseline understanding of your website’s current traffic volumes, and then establish a strategy and timeframes for testing each SEO keyword blend.

Once you have tested a SEO keyword blend, you will be in a position to evaluate its effectiveness based on whether or not it increased your website’s traffic volumes. Simply continue this process of trial and error until you arrive at a SEO keyword blend that achieves your desired result.

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