From traditional marketing to what we know today, marketing has changed in so many ways. 

Marketing is always evolving and now, thanks to the internet, it’s getting more efficient every day. On April 30, 1993, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) made internet technology available royalty-free to all. In those 27 years, the marketing industry has developed new techniques to get customers interested and to keep them engaged. Marketing has also become much more affordable. But how exactly has the internet changed how marketing works? 


The early days of web analytics were much more complicated than what we’re used to today. Websites in 1993 had to delve into their source logs to track visitor’s IP addresses. It was in 2005 that Google acquired Urchin, which became Google Analytics.

Being able to understand the keywords customers are searching for, which countries your customers are in, and other handy statistics has streamlined marketing research into an incredibly efficient and powerful tool that makes early web analytics look painful (which it was).

Marketers have always been savvy. In 2007, researchers predicted that marketing would evolve into researching and developing techniques for improving consumer trust. 


First of all, it’s important to know that Corporate seo services aren’t built by spamming email marketing campaigns. Defined in 2006 by HubSpot, inbound marketing aims to build customer trust and lead to sales. One of the major ways the internet has made an impact is through search engines. 75% of search engine users never scroll past the first page of search results. Why bother when the first few results are just that good?

This has evolved into what we know as Search Engine Optimization. Everyone knows the importance of keywords, page speed, social metrics, etc. Maybe we don’t think about it when we’re browsing, but the internet has dramatically changed the way content is displayed and organized. 

Content Marketing

Once you’ve identified what your customer wants through analytics, one way to appeal to your customers is to create content. Content marketing did exist before the internet. One of the most memorable examples of content marketing is that of the 1930’s radio drama by Procter & Gamble which advertised soap products. This is why we have the term “soap drama” today. This type of content marketing has evolved to podcasts where companies often sponsor a show and give listeners a code to use a product for a discount. 

Content marketing also involves companies having their own blog, Youtube channel, and social media accounts. 

Social Media 

Creating a social media account is free and replying to customers is a way to build trust. This kind of affordable marketing only exists thanks to the internet.
Known for engaging their customers, Netflix’s Twitter account often retweets customers or directly replies to them. Although that casual style may not suit every company, it’s a good example of how the internet has changed marketing. 

Depending on the audience, a company may change the type of content they produce on each platform. LinkedIn is not the same as Twitter!

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