Digital marketing is a subset of marketing that focuses on building awareness and promoting a brand, product or service using online and digital channels. All elements of digital marketing are critical in creating a substantial online presence. These strategies are scalable to fit the needs of a brand or business. Digital marketing is often organized into two major components: online and offline marketing. These methods could also be used by Shopify SEO experts.

Digital marketing 

Online marketing includes online marketing channels such as website marketing, search engine marketing (including pay per click marketing and tampa seo), mobile marketing, email marketing, online advertising, video marketing and social media. 

Offline marketing

Offline marketing focuses on the offline digital marketing channels including television, radio, SMS, and digital billboards. 

For many, digital marketing often strongly refers to the online marketing channels. These online marketing efforts help contribute to a brand’s digital presence both online and on social media. There are many strategies and best practices to implementing digital marketing, often varying across different mediums. 

Social Media

Social media is often considered the new frontier of digital marketing. The fairly recent explosion of popularity among social media platforms, particularly Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, have changed how we socialize, interact and shop online. These new platforms have brought digital marketing to the forefront for many brands and businesses and have opened a variety of new strategies, processes and opportunities along with it, 

Through the lens of digital marketing, two critical components of social media are content creation and social media marketing. These are not exclusive terms as both strategies often complement and conflict with each other. Social media content creation is the digital marketing strategy associated with creating brand content, awareness and customer engagement through social media platforms. By contrast, social media marketing is the process of promoting a brand or product on social media. This is often through sponsored posts and targeting marketing.

Other Online Marketing Initiatives

The purpose of online digital marketing is to leverage digital marketing on online platforms, not including social media marketing. These strategies are often designed to create a funnel to direct potential customers to a brand or business’ website. Some of these digital marketing strategies includes:

Expert seo services consist of creating content to ensure the maximum number of visitors to your website. This optimization is created through the use of search engine crawlers, algorithms and search results. 

Online advertising – Online advertising is a general label for a number of strategies including ad word marketing, online billboard marketing, in-app marketing or marketing on platforms such as YouTube.

Email marketing – Email marketing is the promotion of products or services through email marketing campaigns and email newsletters. 

As a brand or corporate seo, it is important to know the differences between various marketing theories and strategies in order to best leverage an online presence through digital marketing. In the ever-growing world of integrated web and social media, online marketing campaigns will continue to be relevant and critical to a brand’s bottom line. 

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