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Cheap SEO Content and Link Building

Everyone wants a deal, especially start-up businesses or struggling businesses. Some businesses have little funding available for various reasons, which makes things like website setup and advertising underfunded. When underfunding happens it leaves businesses looking for cheap work such as SEO content and link building. Does this damage the integrity of the work?

Is Cheap Work Really Cheap?

Every business owner loves to save money on services and products. We especially like to save when money is tight, business is slow and so on. When it comes to our web pages, SEO content and link building is being cheap really cheap?

What is SEO Content

SEO content is search engine optimized content. It is content designed to get your webpage(s) ranked higher on the search engines. This content is used by search engines to determine your rank on their result pages. 

What is Link Building

Link building is an action that increases the number of links directing traffic to your webpage. The more quality links, the higher ranking your webpage will have. Links are a sign that your site is a quality resource.

So, the question remains are cheaply priced services in these areas really cheap? Well, cheap services could represent a myriad of things like inexperience, low quality, struggling service provider, lack of true knowledge and so much more. When you find someone that does these high dollar services cheap you are potentially not going to get quality work. 

Cheap work likely means low quality. That low-quality work can, in turn, be ineffective for desired results. This means that you probably are losing money because you are not gaining new business and you are potentially not reaching new customers. So in reality, no cheap work is not cheap, by the time you figure lost business and the cost of cheap work you would have been better off just paying the higher price for quality work. 

Why Cheap SEO or Link Building is Harmful

We could list reasons why cheap work is harmful for months. However, none of us really have that kind of time. So, we will just look at some of the most common reasons it’s harmful. However tight slice has cheap seo packages that are actually very effective.

Unprofessional Appearance 

Cheap SEO content is generally poor quality work. Poor quality content looks very unprofessional and is a huge turnoff to customers. Customers will more often than not look elsewhere for quality and more professional content. 

Becoming De-Indexed

Poor quality content, links that are inappropriate and unrelated can be damaging. A search engine will de-index (ban) a webpage for broken links, inappropriate links, spammy links, and etc. Once your web page has been de-indexed you are virtually invisible to the online world. Which means you won’t be listed in the ranks, people won’t see your webpage regardless of how relevant their search was to your content. 

Bad Reputation

If your links are broken, spammy or inappropriate viewers and competitors can report you for this practice. After a number of reports, your webpage becomes flagged and your reputation begins to falter. A bad reputation will cost you business and lots of money to repair. 

These have been just a few ways that your business can suffer with cheap work. There are many other ways that your business can suffer from cheap SEO content and link building. It’s really much easier to save the extra money needed for proper SEO content and link building that just pay for cheap work. 


Cheap SEO content and link building can cost more than just paying for quality work in the first place. Your reputation can be damaged beyond repair, you can lose valuable customers and potentially have to start over. In the long run you are better off spending the extra money in the first places and having the work done right from the start.