Giving people, viewing your web page, what they want is THE most important aspect of your online presence. If you have useful information to offer, your content will attract many visitors and entice webmasters to link to it. 

Let’s take a more in depth look at what it takes to make a website  Google friendly.

SEO is all about making subtle changes to your website. When you look at these changes individually they may not seem like very much but when they are all added together they will provide your website with a better user experience and a higher ranking in search results. These are essential ingredients for every web page and your job is to use them to their fullest.

Make Google See Your Page the Same Way the User Does

When one of the Google bots crawls a page it needs to see it just like the user does. For the best indexing allow Googlebot total access to files used within your website. If these files are not accessible it can result in suboptimal rankings.

The recommended action is a URL inspection tool this lets you see how Googlebot sees and renders your content and help you to repair various indexing problems found on your website.

Building SEO into Your Website

Make certain that you build your website for the benefit of the user and any optimizing that is done to the site is done to making the user experience a better one.  And one of those users is a search engine which helps other users find your content. A experienced SEO expert is all about helping those search engines to better understand and present relative content for the user’s search.

No matter if your website is large or small or even offers non typical content it is important that you use all of the available Google tools to ensure that you are using optimization to its fullest.

Maybe this will give you some fresh ideas on Search Engine Optimization marketing with Google.

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