Corporate Search Engine Marketing – What Is It Anyway?

Search engine marketing or SEM involves several internet marketing techniques: search engine optimization or an hire for Expert SEO Services and pay-per-click or PPC.

Search Engine Optimization

One part of search engine marketing is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization or SEO raises a website’s ranking on a webpage. SEO relates to online reputation management, otherwise known as ORM.

ORM aims to develop customer awareness of certain brands. It does this by focusing on customer service and ensuring positive websites have multiple backlinks.

What does customer service have to do with ORM?

Quick response time to bad reviews is a way customer service helps with reputation management. It looks bad to have many negative reviews. If these reviews are resolved or responded to positively, it reflects well upon the brand in question.

What is a backlink?

A backlink is a website cited on another website. If it is cited by a credible or trusted source, that backlink retains value. The more trusted backlinks a website has, the higher it will rank in a search engine.


Another way to raise customer awareness of a brand is through pay-per-click campaigning or PPC. PPC is a method that requires a website to buy its search engine ranking. When ads pop up on Google search, that is because those websites paid to put them there. These websites pay the search engine (e.g. Google) for every time a person clicks on their ad. This is where it gets the title “pay-per-click.”

Which ads appear depends on the keywords showing in the search engine.

If someone typed “buy furniture” in a Google search engine, the first few results would be advertisements for buying furniture online. However, if the keywords were “make furniture DIY,” zero ads would show. This is because websites optimize which keywords have a higher likelihood of purchase. Someone looking to build furniture is not going to buy it.

Google chooses which website ads will appear depending on how much they pay with the PPC method and whether their keywords are relevant to the search.

Enterprise Search Engine Marketing

What differentiates standard and enterprise SEO? Mainly, enterprise SEO is on a larger scale than standard SEO. Therefore, it requires a slightly different approach. Consider reaching out for expert tampa seo services so your company can stay competitive.

Corporate Search Engine Optimization

Corporate SEO enables the SEO to reach out to customers on all stages of the purchase journey. This journey starts with a customer’s awareness of a brand or product.

Enterprise SEO works on expanding a brand’s internet “footprint.” The wider the footprint, the more likely a customer will become familiar with seeing it multiple times. This creates familiarity and trust, making it more likely a purchase will occur.

Enterprise Pay-Per-Click

SEO consulting rates is all about expanding the brand’s PPC campaign, tailoring the keyword search and cutting excess campaign endeavors that are not profiting. Examples of these are ad groups that became inactive or lack clicking traffic. These should be removed because they are a drag on the PPC campaign, taking up space and bringing no returns.


Enterprise SEM is, in essence, an SEO and PCC program for a corporate entity or global enterprise. If a business is large enough, average SEO and PCC campaigns will not suffice for their online marketing management. They need a more effective program such as enterprise-level search engine marketing.