How Much Does SEO Cost?

Building a good reputation and increasing one’s visibility online is an essential process for many businesses. However, doing so can be costly or time-consuming. If you hire an SEO consultant to implement SEO strategies for your company, ensure you hire reputable experts and that you only pay for the services you need.

Pros: An in-house expert will grow familiar with and develop in-depth knowledge of your company, and with that understanding build an SEO campaign perfectly designed for your business’ goals.

Cons: Quality and pricing of in-house managers will vary based on experience. They may only specialize in a certain area of SEO implementation, causing you to need additional experts to fill in the gaps. In-house experts usually take longer to set up your campaign than an agency, too.

Pricing: According to GlassDoor, SEO managers cost an average of $2,833 a month.

Conclusion: In-house experts may be the way to go if your business is small. But if you need a team of people to manage all your company’s needs, it can get costly.

  • Freelancers

Pros: Usually cheaper than an SEO company. Working with a freelancer will likely allow you to have more control and input in the process than you would have working with an SEO agency.

Cons: Finding a good seo freelancer who is capable and reliable may be difficult, costing time and effort as you sift through potential candidates.

Pricing: Freelancers’ rates can range vastly based on experience and specialization. Hourly rates average $68, and monthly retainer rates $1,364, according to this survey from 2018.

Conclusion: Depending on your business model and how much input you want in the SEO process, a freelancer may work well for you. Just make sure you hire someone who knows what they are doing.

  • SEO Agencies

Pros: An agency may be more cost-effective for larger businesses requiring a team with great quality Tampa SEO services. The services you receive will be well-rounded. SEO companies are also more likely to be up-to-date with trends and strategies. This route will save you time on recruiting and any training needed for freelancers or an in-house team.

Cons: You won’t have as much input in the process, and communication will be less immediate.

Pricing: You will usually have to pay an upfront fee for setup. This may range from $500-$2000. The hourly rate averages out to $134, while monthly rates average $2,819.

Conclusion: For a larger company, you might consider hiring an agency for your long-term goals. You will have less input and communication, but have a well-rounded team that uses current SEO strategies.

Wrap Up

All these options have pros and cons. Take into consideration which one fits your business style and budget. This article gives tips on how to choose an SEO company based on your company’s goals and budget.

You may find that a “hybrid” method works best for you. This means implementing two or more of these services for various purposes. You could hire an agency to consult with or to build a good foundation for your business’ online reputation and then switch to a freelancer or an in-house expert who maintains and builds upon that foundation. A hybrid method such as this may be more cost-effective while meeting your desired quality.

Can I Do SEO Myself?

The short answer: Yes. You can implement good SEO practices yourself.

However, you need to consider if you have the time to do so or if your expertise will be better used in managing other aspects of your company.

If you want to learn the basics, there are many resources out there for you. Both and Google have free beginner SEO guides that you may find useful.