what is technical seo

What is Technical SEO?

Every business owner likes to have their website being on the top of the page and it takes a lot to get the result showing up there. To make things easier, there are always things that could be done which would help increase your brand awareness and Technical SEO is one of them. Technical SEO refers to improving technical aspects of any website that needs to have a better page rank across search engines. One of the main pillar of technical SEO is enabling your website to load faster, be understandable and easier to crawl by search engines. To understand this better, here are few points that will elaborate on what all Technical SEO primarily contains and how it’s beneficial for your website. 

Fast Loading website

There are millions of websites that are waiting to be shown up when someone searches. If you have a slow loading website, you can forget seeing good traffic on your page. Your website that is shown as part of someone’s search results will go further down and onto other pages. Consult your developer and find out ways to optimize your website speed wise for faster loading. Ideally, a website should load within the first 3 seconds. 

Your website has Crawlable pages

These are basically robots that crawl content on your web pages, leading a visitor to your page as part of their search results. It’s a very powerful tool that allows you to choose what to show and what to block. Do not accidentally have important pieces of content get blocked by choosing the wrong page for crawling. This means, your irrelevant content shows up, leaving all the important stuff aside. Give proper instructions to your robot using the robots.txt file. 

Redirecting Dead links

A lot of websites are usually work in progress and keeps getting updated from time to time. However, if there are expiration dates set, certain pages will not show up and come up with a 404 error page which has become a dead link. Ideally a page will not be shown past its expiration date because its been deleted. Ensure that you have it redirected to some other page that can replace the dead link. 

Secured site

People like to know that the website they are engaging with is a secured site and can perform business operations smoothly. The easiest way to understand this is by looking at the address bar and see if it has the “ HTTPS “ with a green lock symbol. In case you don’t see it, you need to get it done by your developer and also will need an SSL certificate to implement HTTPS on your site. 

XML Sitemap

The best way to not get missed is by adding the XML sitemap which is basically a roadmap of your website showing images, content, posts across your pages for the search engines. This wouldn’t be required if it already has an internal linking structure which connects everything accurately. But not all websites have a great structure. 

Do you need Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Everybody needs medical insurance and without that, you’ll be lame ending up emptying your bank account. Just like that, a supplemental insurance is also available which goes a little beyond the typical medical insurance and what if covers. A regular medical insurance would cover most of your medical bills, but not all as well. In short, a supplemental insurance commonly known as Medigap which is usually offered by private companies is added to your existing plan that covers out of pocket expenses for example. Let’s understand this better. Here are few reasons and understanding of why you will need a supplemental insurance. 

Coverage for Unpaid costs

This plan definitely covers those people whose regular insurance doesn’t help and need to have it fulfilled via a different source. That is done by the supplemental insurance company. However, it doesn’t cover each and everything. It only covers copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance. The supplemental coverage is only an extension of your existing medicare plan Part A & B.  

Different Supplemental coverage plans

There are different medicare supplement plans that most states provide through private insurance firms. There are about 10 different insurance plans namely A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M & N. Every plan is standardized and offers a different level of coverage. Certain states like Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Minnesota have their own standard offerings. Among these, plan A is the most basic plan of all covering fewest of benefits only. It also helps people who don’t have to pay for certain services they might not use at all. For example: A supplemental insurance on Plan A will include 4 things 100% generally. They are:

  • Hospice care coinsurance expense or copayment. 
  • First 3 pints of blood used in a procedure. 
  • Coinsurance expenses or copayment on a Part B medicare. 
  • Coinsurance payment for inpatient hospital care upto a year after medicare benefits are used up.
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Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Minnesota have similar offerings too, but vary slightly in terms of the percentage and coverage. 

What it doesn’t cover?

Some of the things that aren’t covered in the Medigap policies are prescription drugs ( you will need to sign up for Medicare Part D to get prescription coverage), dental care, eyeglasses, private nursing, routine vision care, hearing aids and long term care. 

How does it work?

If you get admitted to a hospital or see a doctor for routine checkup or tests, your regular Medicare insurance Part A and B will cover for you and since both the parts still don’t cover everything, that’s when your Medigap policy will be used to cover any left over charges. Also, you’re policy can only be used by you. If your spouse needs assistance, they will need to have their own coverage. 

When can you get it?

You can buy a medigap during an open enrollment period only after you turn 65. Shopping for Medigap might incur some extra costs. Sometimes there is also a waiting period after you apply. And you can get it from any private insurance company. For more information on professional seo services.

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