If you plan to hire a company for your SEO agency, you want to see results in their work. SEO, however, takes time. There is no straightforward answer for how long it takes, as there are many variables to consider. With this in mind, you may not see results for six months to a year. SEO marketing is a long-term endeavor.

Just like exercising, you got to keep doing it to see the payoff. It is not a once and done deal. Even when you do eventually see results, you need to continue marketing to stay competitive.

When you look for an agency, get specific. Explain what you want to accomplish and ask how their experts will meet your goals. Based on the factors we will explore in this article, ask how long they estimate it will take to see results. Before you invest money, gauge which company is right for you and your business’ needs.


Many factors determine how long it takes to see results for your business.

Start Point:

A company that has no reputation will take longer to see beneficial results than a business that has a preexisting website and history of content. So if your company is starting from scratch, be prepared to wait longer. Your website has to catch up to all the competitors who are already implementing SEO strategies.


We just mentioned the competition in the previous factor. Depending on what you sell, the number of competitors varies. If your product is less common or you are serving locally rather than nationally, you will have fewer competitors. Again, the less competition, the faster your business will rise in the rankings. If you are up against established competitors in your niche, you are fighting an uphill battle. Progress may be slow and steady, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it.

Building Links

Having credible and relevant links to your website impact your ranking. However, the way your site builds links is important, too. Creating a lot of backlinks may seem like an easy fix, but an abundance of links does not automatically equal a positive result. You do not want a flood of “low-quality” websites linking to your website. This lowers your ranking and credibility. A sudden increase in links may also cast suspicion on the methods used to raise your website’s ranking. For these reasons, your SEO agency should focus on steadily building quality links. This means it takes time.


Quality content matters. Not quantity. Content that readers find helpful is better than a bunch of articles with no substance. Writing on a consistent schedule encourages readers to frequent your website and signal positive user experiences to Google. Once again, even though spitting out many articles takes less time, it won’t be as effective as a steady flow of content.

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