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All of our SEO Packages are hands on as your as assigned a experience marketing rep to reach all our goals.

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All seo packages will include monthly updates you can access right from your smart device.

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Here at Tight slice it’s our goal to provide high quality services for companies of all sizes. We enjoy our craft and have been focused on helping companies expand their organic reach with outstanding monthly seo packages. If you’re looking to advance your online brand, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are an elite seo company tampa can depend on!

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Another factor of great importance in local searchers is customer reviews, or prominence, and these factors feature prominently in Google’s local search engine results. Making sure that positive reviews are displayed properly and that any negative reviews are addressed properly is very important.

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The main difference between international vs. a local search on Google is the inclusion of a geographical component in the local search that limits results based on location.

Local business owners do not need to compete on an international platform, but need to focus their marketing resources to advertise locally.

Local searches focus on proximity, relevance and prominence. In order to optimize your business website for better local searches it is imperative that your Google My Business profile information is correct, informative and SEO friendly, as this information is what Google sues to filter businesses nearest to the searcher. Read this post from our enterprise seo consultants for more insight.

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We specialized in off page and affordable on page seo services to expand your companies reach quicker. Here at Tightslice we focus on building your company’s authority and web presence. Have maximum visibility is vital to building a long lasting online brand.


Having affordable seo packages are critical to growing and launching a brand. SEO takes time and you deserve a good Seo company that is on your side. We have helped companies grow from one employee to full scale from out focused seo services and monthly seo packages.


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When it comes to pitching large brands your company, we focus on your best attributes. After all having a well organized and brand-able business is evergreen when it comes to eccomerce. 

E-commerce SEO services is also known as Shop SEO as this specifically applies to the optimization of online retailers In short, as an online retailer, you would want your products and their prices to be returned by a search engine as one of the options for a specific buyer’s search.

This is slightly different from normal SEO in that it includes all the normal SEO specifications in addition to several rules only applicable to online shops and the way they are structured.

More specifically, focusing on your home page, product page and checkout page optimization is very important and can even make your site more user-friendly.

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For a limited time we are offering full scale web design services for new brands. Be sure to reach us today for more information.


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This can be a powerful marketing strategy for online shops as surveys indicate that up to 80% of users ignore online paid ads, and rather focus on search results directly. In the long term, better SEO results prove to have greater marketing value than other marketing strategies for online shops with our – shopify seo experts.

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