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Here at Tight Slice our Tampa seo company are revamping websites to retrieve a higher place in search engines results so customers are more likely to click on them. But I have to add; it gets a lot more complicated than that when you get down to it – so let’s have a look at what SEO companies can do for you.

So you may have deduced that SEO companies specialize in optimizing your website, through the expertise of SEO specialists, for search engine results. But how exactly do they do this?

Whether a potential customer uses Bing or Chrome or Explorer, the results they get form any search is based on more than just the keywords they entered into the search bar! In fact, 93% of online experiences start with a search engine and of those results, 47% of people click on one of the top three results. So if you company’s website did not fall within the top three search results of your field of expertise, you could be losing more than 40% of potential business.

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  • whether your website is secure or not – so HTTP vs. HTTPS as Google gives preference to secure sites,
  • whether your website is mobile friendly and voice search compatible,a
  • whether your webpage has the correct schema markup or website code,
  • the length and quality of the content on your webpage including duplicate content issues, missing pages and other inconsistencies,
  • the presence of social signals (more on social media management services), for example, likes, shares, pins or links on LinkedIn or Facebook that refer back to your page,
  • the presence of quality backlinks, or a link on a trusted company’s website that refers to you,
  • whether your images are optimized or not,
  • and naturally the search intent of the user or potential customer.



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How can you know the difference, well a good way is to look at a company’s reviews and success stories. Additionally, you can ask several questions that may give you a good idea of what to expect from your SEO specialist.
  • Have you catered to other businesses like mine?
  • What exactly does my contract include?
  • Will I own my website? Some SEO companies take ownership of websites they design, and if you cancel your contract you can lose ownership to your website.
  • What happens if I cancel my contract?
  • What are your fees and payment options?
  • Hire for On-Page SEO Services
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Advance Tampa Search Engine Marketing Services​

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Why Hire Tight Slice – Tampa SEO Services Is For You!

So in order to optimize your website, these factors should be addressed by any SEO company that is worth their salt.  Typically they approach all these issues strategically through a website structure analysis, content analyses, the optimization of the website code and various off-page factors.

Basically, if your website is not SEO friendly, all the marketing done through your website will have a poorer conversion rate than expected, simply due to search engines not placing you high up on the results page.

A note of warning to businesses considering hiring a Tampa seo company for the first time, make sure that you get your advice and services from a reputable SEO company. As a rule, there are two types of SEO companies, black-hat SEO and white-hat SEO. Black-hat SEO use shortcuts to get your websites SE ranking to the top, but these typically do not last and can damage your company’s reputation in the long run. White-hat SEO improves website rankings through diligent hard work and actual data obtained from detailed analyses. These results are long term and will benefit your company for many years to come. Learn more about Corporate SEO on this page