What is internet marketing?

Internet marketing seo consultants help you get found online. It uses the internet to answer questions that people are asking and to deliver the content people are searching for. It’s how businesses nurture relationships of trust with customers and future potential customers. 

Do you, or do you want to, sell a product or service? Over 81% of people search for products and services online. Ninety percent of people visit online stores, and nearly three-quarters of people have purchased a product online. Every one of those transactions has something in common. It was a sale driven by the internet. What is internet marketing?

There are approximately 1,700,000,000 websites online (over 500,000 new ones every day), and you can bet that more than a couple of them sell what you’re selling — let’s say tires. One report says that there are over 5,600,000,000 — that’s billion with a “b” — internet searches performed every day, more than a few of them looking for tires. How can internet marketing help make sure people looking for stuff about tires find your business? consider hiring an enterprise seo consultant.

What does internet marketing include?

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When you think of internet marketing, you may think of websites. And that makes sense. But internet marketing is a lot more than websites, though many elements of internet marketing are conducted through or for the purpose of driving traffic to your website. We’ll put websites on the top of our list of things included under the big heading “Internet Marketing,” but there are a lot more:

Internet marketing is a strategic investment toward the accomplishment of specific and measurable goals. If you’re not doing much, you should do something. But that doesn’t mean you have to do everything. In fact, you should identify and allocate your resources strategically with the advice of an internet marketing company. How to find one? We’ll get to that. 

How has the internet changed marketing? 

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If you’re a business owner of a certain age, the form of direct marketing that you may be most familiar with is direct response mail. You know how it went. You’d find an area of town that you wanted to target, come up with a mail-out or letter, and you’d send information to those targets — each one a potential customer. You’d send your material to a passive target, then wait passively for the customer to come for you.

How has the internet changed direct marketing? In that direct marketing model, you have no reason to believe that those recipients want or need your services — except hope. You need to introduce, entice, persuade, and close at every turn. Internet marketing is different. Internet marketing companies prepare online content that answers questions that potential customers are already asking, and that delivers responses to searches that those potential customers are already making. 

A well-planned internet marketing campaign delivers content that your potential customers are already looking for. You won’t waste time, effort and money sending flyers about winter tires to people who don’t drive and own cars. Instead, you’ll be able to provide essential information about winter driving safety to people already searching online for information about tires, winter tires, all-season tires, tire balancing, tire rotation, tire storage, and tire pressure in your area. 

What is the best way to make internet marketing effective?

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The answer to this question is short and simple. It’s three words long. Know your customers. Then provide content they’re looking for in any way related to your product or service. Not just know their name, but know enough about them and the issues they think and worry about so that you can provide information and products that respond to those thoughts and worries. If you sell tires, get to know:

Those are just some questions you should ask about your customers and future customers. Why? The more you know about your customers, the more you’ll understand about what kinds of questions they ask. Once you know the questions, you can start providing the answers in ways that connect those future customers to your products and services by providing relevant, timely, and current content. This is the power of content marketing. 

How do you provide that content? Two key ways that your internet marketing company will explain are services pages on your website and articles you’ll post on your blog with important keywords — the words your customers use when they ask their questions that search engines will use to bring those customers to your content — placed naturally and helpfully. 

How to find the right internet marketing company


Let’s start with you. The first step in finding the right internet marketing company is for you to do your own homework. Your homework consists of two important steps. First, do some research. Read articles like this one to understand what internet marketing is, what services internet marketing companies can provide, and get familiar with some of the language and lingo. 

The second step in this homework plan is to figure out what you want. What is it that you’re trying to achieve? Are you absent online and looking for a website? Are you online, but seeing no traffic? Are you seeing traffic, but not seeing any dollars from those digital visitors? Do you have a brick and mortar warehouse but are losing revenue to online competitors that you want to claw back? Have you seen competitors or others in your field achieving online benchmarks that you’re pursuing to? 

Now, what do you need to ask or look for when considering a potential internet marketing company. Here are eight questions to ask or considerations to keep in mind.

The internet is a noisy place. Expert SEO Services can help make sure you’re heard above the noise and found among the crowd. 

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