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Hiring Shopify SEO Experts

Hiring for pro Shopify seo experts is critical. Simply becuase Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms on the market today. As a cloud-based SAS platform, Shopify is easy to set up and use. This platform is secure, reliable, and integrates well with apps.

In addition to these advantages, Shopify offers several built-in features to help business owners build scalable and flexible online stores.

To optimize the value of these features, you must hire a search engine optimization (SEO) expert who can implement an effective Tampa SEO services. The right SEO expert will ensure a high ranking in search engine results pages and a consistent stream of relevant traffic to your online store.

What is SEO?

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SEO involves implementation of various tactics to improve your online store and increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your store from search engine results pages.

Google and other search engines want to show their users the most relevant and valuable results for their search terms. An effective freelance SEO consultant  ensures that your store is among the first results when a user searches for the products or services you offer.

Selecting a Shopify SEO Consultant

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Your Shopify store’s offerings and audience are unique, and you need a Shopify SEO expert who can formulate and implement a custom SEO strategy to grow your business.

Because there are so many SEO agencies to choose from, it’s critical to make an informed decision. Below, we look at several considerations to help you determine whether an agency is a good fit for your business.

Your SEO Needs

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Shopify offers several helpful features, such as mobile responsiveness, fast page loading speeds, and support for SEO parameters, including customer title tags and meta tags. While these elements go a long way toward optimizing your store, they are not enough. The right SEO expert should be able to conduct a thorough SEO audit to determine the areas in which your online store needs work.

An audit will provide your consultant with all the necessary information to formulate an effective SEO strategy and generate organic and relevant traffic to your store.

SEO Tactics

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E-commerce SEO is generally more complex than optimizing a blog or business website. Some of the factors relevant to Shopify SEO include the following:

  • Keyword research to determine your potential buyers’ search terms
  • Optimizing your homepage and category pages
  • Using the results of keyword research to optimize product pages
  • Optimizing product images as well as all visual elements of your Shopify store, including videos
  • Site and URL structural optimization
  • Formulating a content strategy that includes creation and publishing of blog posts
  • Link building, which is an off-site SEO tactic to establish your store as a worthy resource

While there are plenty of other SEO tactics one might consider, these are certainly the most prevalent. A professional SEO specialist should be able to implement all these strategies with success.



There is no standard fee for SEO services. There tends to be a correlation, however, between the price you pay for these solutions and the expected results. SEO experts who get results will charge higher fees because their services are proven to significantly increase their clients’ bottom line.

Draw up a budget to determine what you can pay for SEO service while keeping other marketing expenses such as paid advertising in mind. When selecting an SEO agency, don’t base your decision on price alone and consider these costs an investment rather than an expense.

Track Record


The most effective way to determine whether an SEO agency is a good fit for your business is to ask them for client testimonials. Ideally, they should provide you with testimonials from clients who own Shopify stores, as these sites have unique SEO requirements.

When looking at an agency’s client testimonials, pay attention to the results they get in traffic generation and conversion rate optimization. Testimonials may also give insight into the agency’s SEO reporting practices and transparency.

Benefits of Hiring the Best SEO for Shopify


After setting up your Shopify store, you may be tempted to do some research and optimize your store yourself. If you don’t come from a digital marketing background, however, you may end up wasting valuable time and money.

SEO isn’t easy, and there are various technical considerations, such as user experience optimization and backlinking. Additionally, Google is continuously rolling out algorithm changes and rewriting the SEO rulebook.

Below, we look at some compelling reasons to hire an SEO expert instead of managing SEO yourself.

Effective Marketing Solutions


With professional SEO solutions, you can target people who are actively looking for your store’s products. The SEO strategies that a professional implements today will continue to deliver results and increase your bottom line in the future. The result is a higher ROI than you would achieve with, say, a paid advertising campaign.

Free Up Your Time

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SEO is, or should be, a significant part of your marketing efforts. By leaving SEO to a professional, you free up your time to focus on providing your customers with a quality product and a professional service.

Competitor Analysis


An SEO expert will do extensive research and identify strategies to help your business take a step away from the noise. A professional who has experience with Shopify stores will also know which methods work to set your business apart from your competitors that are utilizing enterprise seo services.  


No Mistakes


When it comes to SEO, laypeople often resort to outdated tactics that hurt their rankings in search engine results pages. SEO experts avoid ineffective optimization tactics such as keyword stuffing, the use of artificial backlinks, and inconsistent content creation.

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